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Microsoft Xbox Series S 512GB SSD Digital Console, Black

Product description

The TV console for home and on the go. Nintendo Switch not only provides exciting single and multiplayer entertainment at home. Nintendo friends can continue to play the same titles on the go, wherever and with whom .Nintendo Switch combines the mobility of a portable system with the power of a TV console to deliver an unprecedented gaming experience.In the living room of your home, the new console sits in the Nintendo Switch station that connects the device to the television, perfect for comfortably play with family and friends from the sofa. When Nintendo Switch players step away from the station, the console immediately switches to handheld mode. So Nintendo fans can enjoy the same entertainment on the go. The bright HD screen built into the console an optimal TV-like gaming experience, even at the park, train, car or another Nintendo friend at home.And because shared fun is double the fun, Joy-Con controllers mounted on either side of the console can be solved by Nintendo Switch. This allows for the most diverse game combinations: one player with one Joy-Con controller in each hand, two players with one or many players with multiple Joy-Con controllers. So easily you can remove the controller, so easily you can also reattach the console or Joy-Con holder, similar to a traditional controller. Lovers can use the optional Nintendo Switch Pro controller in addition to Joy-Con controllers. This way players can connect multiple Nintendo Switch consoles locally. It also increases the captivating multiplayer action. Three game modes. TV mode: Connect the console to the TV and anyone can play, both children and adults. This makes it fun to play with friends and family. Table mode: split.

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About this item

  • Console without region lock
  • Play when, where and with whom you want
  • Various usage modes (TV, tablet and handheld mode)
  • Battery life 4.5 – 9 hours
  • Share the JoyCon controller and play together with a friend


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