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Corrosion Technologies RejeX 61002 (16 fl oz) – High Gloss Finish That Protects | Paint & Sur...

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  • NOTHING STICKS BUT THE SHINE – RejeX (pronounced “rejects”) is a proprietary coating system that produces an ultra-slick, high gloss polymer finish that seals and protects painted surfaces, glass, metal, gel coat, plastics and just about any other hard, nonporous surface. This means you can use RejeX on practically your whole vehicle – even the wheels, glass, chrome and clear bras.
  • HIGH GLOSS FINISH THAT PROTECTS – Super high-release coating technology rejects UV degradation as well as common contaminants such as road grime, bug strikes, brake dust, bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, engine exhaust, harsh chemicals and cleaners. RejeX is “So Slick, Bugs Won’t Stick!”
  • NEVER WAX AGAIN! – Try RejeX, and you’ll never go back to waxing your vehicles the old-fashioned way. RejeX’s tough, polymer matrix structure encapsulates super-hard micro- and nanoparticles into a flexible, chemically resistant, ultra-clear protective finish that far outlasts any wax. RejeX is rated for a jaw-dropping 40+ detergent wash cycles when applied as directed.
  • EASY TO USE – RejeX is a professional grade product that is easily applied by hand or machine. Get results that rivals those expensive two-part ceramics in minutes. Easy-to-use RejeX can be applied by anyone.
  • PROTECTS AND BEAUTIFIES: Airplanes, boats, cars, RVs, motor homes, helicopters, trailers, personal watercraft, protective films (clear bra), vinyl graphics, decals and more. RejeX provides an unparalleled beautiful, crystal-clear depth and clarity of shine.

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‎Plasic flip-top


‎16 Ounces

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‎Flip Top

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‎4"W x 16"H

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‎Hand Wash Only

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‎1 Count


‎Corrosion Technologies

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‎1.06 pounds

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‎Flip Top

13 reviews for Corrosion Technologies RejeX 61002 (16 fl oz) – High Gloss Finish That Protects | Paint & Sur...

  1. SY

    Use it for “waxing” my pinball playfield, I have a Jersey Jack Pinball Willy Wonka LE. Playfield has never been this shiny and well protected. WAY better than canrauba wax for pinball. Highly recommended.

  2. William B

    I’ve tried many car polishes over the years, but this one is the best I’ve used. Truly easy to wipe off, intense shine, slickness, and protection, and no white powder residue like with NuFinish or the old Finish 2000. Highly recommended.

  3. Les Dahlin

    Recived package today. The bag with the Rejex was full of the liquid because the lid was not secured properly.

  4. G. Celdran

    Rejex can last a year, easy. Just follow the directions: clean the car well. In my case I polished it and then applied 1 coat. The next day applied a second one, this will give more depth. The car becomes super slick. Nothing sticks to it. Now, keep in mind this is not a wax, therefore, it will not mask imperfections. Some scuffs might show more. I was using synthetic wax but got tired of having to wax the car every 2 months.

    This stuff is great, maybe the best out there for durability, shine, ease of use and results. I applied it with an old sock and then used a microfiber to remove. Don’t put too thick. Just apply 2 coats and you will not be disappointed.

  5. Mo

    I live in Florida so I wanted to find a product that would withstand the intense sun/heat while making bugs easy to remove while giving an amazing shine, Rejex fit the bill perfectly.

    I’ve read some of the negative reviews so I did a little bit of searching before apply Rejex so here are some tips that might help others.


    Rejex is a polymer, not a wax. As such, it should be applied to clean, dry paint. If you apply it over another wax product, it probably won’t last as long. Here are my steps/suggestions to make applying it as easy as possible and to make sure it lasts on your vehicle.

    I washed my car with Dawn dish soap initially. Dawn is great for removing the previous wax coat so the Rejex can bond with the paint.

    I thoroughly dried the car then put it in the garage to get it out of the sun. I let it sit for an hour or so in the garage to make sure the paint was cool to the touch.

    I used terrycloth applicator pads I bought on Amazon to apply the Rejex. A little goes a long way. The key to easy removal is to not put it in heavy.

    Shake the bottle before using.

    Work in sections, I do one panel at a time. I apply it in a thin coat, let it dry to a haze for about 15 minutes and then wipe it off with a microfiber towel. If you want to multi-task, start applying it to a second panel, by the time you finish with the second panel, the first panel should be ready to wipe off.

    I found that I needed to be careful around black window trim and textured black plastic trim pieces. When you get some on the trim, it can leave a white haze to the trim pieces. I used Mother’s Back to Black and it cleaned those areas very well making the trim black again.

    Streaks – Some reviewers complained about streaks. If it’s streaking, it’s probably being applied to thick or you’re not waiting long enough for it to dry to a haze. It should remove easily and be streak free. In the event of streaks, apply less on the rest of the panels and when finished, use a detailing spray to go over the streaky spots, removes it very easily.

    I also use Rejex around my home to help keep things clean. It works great on sink and shower chrome faucets. It also works great on the shower glass to keep soap scum to a minimum, my wife really loves that part.

    A few other tips for removing bugs. While Rejex does make it easier to remove bugs, here in the hot Florida sun, it doesn’t take too long with the car sitting in the hot sun to bake those bugs onto the finish. I take a cheap, white terry cloth towel and wet it thoroughly and then lay it across the front of my car where the bugs are baked on. I let it sit for about an hour and then remove the towel and spray the area with some detail spray. Using a microfiber cloth, the bugs come off very easily. Remember to turn the MF towel so the bug shells don’t scratch your paint.

    For future washing, I use a soap specifically formulated for car washing so it doesn’t strip off the Rejex. If applied correctly, I found that it will last about 6-7 months in the Florida sun before it’s time for another application. If your vehicle is kept in the garage, it should last almost a full year.

    I’ve read reviews on other products where people got the stuff for free or seriously discounted for their reviews….not me….I paid full price, no discounts, perks or anything else. I’m just lazy and have better things to do on the weekend than waxing my vehicles so I wanted a product that would protect my car, keep it looking good and help me remove these darn Florida bugs without scrubbing until my arm falls off so Rejex works well for me.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Canadian Buyers Beware. I received this product from the US a couple of weeks ago (shipping costs were high given the price of the product). Now, I received a FedEx Invoice for $31.76 for “Clearance Entry Fee”, “Disbursement Fee” and GST. Probably cheaper to buy in Canada, even at a much higher sticker price. No qualms about the product, just the extra fees.

  7. Mike

    Goes on and wipes off easily. Great shine.

  8. G. Celdran

    This stuff works well. Used it many times and very good on the windshield so bug splat
    comes off easy. Tip…be sure to buff it before it drys on otherwise it is real work!

  9. William B

    Easy to apply…very slippery
    Will see once I take the RV out for a trip

  10. Jewels

    Product works well goes on and of with ease

  11. Jerry Truelove

    Have used this product for years on my plane. I am done flying but find it works just as well on my car.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Works very well

  13. Mike

    I have tried many products to help stop bugs from sticking to the front of my motorhome. This is the first product that actually does what it claims to do. After applying Rejex, cleaning the bugs from the front of my motorhome took less than 10 minutes. It would usually take over an hour.

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